Everything happens in a workspace. Create to-dos, upload files and collaborate with others!

Workspaces are great to keep things organized based upon what you are wanting to accomplish with them. Just about everything in Whiteboard takes place in a Workspace. This is where you will create and accomplish to-do’s, store files, documents and collaborate with others.

You have the ability to create personal workspaces to manage the tasks in your personal life and have the ability to create shared workspaces to collaborate with others. The great thing about having personal workspaces is that you can keep your personal items private from your work items so that your co-workers and clients can’t see what you are needing to accomplish outside of work.

  1. Personal workspaces have been used for a multitude of things, from keeping track of your daily to-dos, keeping track of a remodeling project, to planning a vacation and more.

  2. Shared workspaces are not only great for collaborating with co-workers and clients at work but also for other projects that you have going on in your life. A shared workspace works great planning an event with your friends and family or with an organization you are a part of. Shared workspaces make communication with others more effective and brings everyone up-to-speed with what’s going on with a project. It is also a great way to get others more involved and invested in what it is you are accomplishing. It is the best way to collaborate and accomplish tasks!

Each workspace is made up of five sections:
1. My Tasks
2. Activity
3. To-dos
4. Files
5. People