What is a workspace?

A Workspace is a container where you can organize to-dos and files as well as collaborate with others in if it is a shared workspace. Depending on what you are needing to organize, they can be used in a multitude of ways. 

For example, I have a personal workspace called “Selfie” where I organize anything that I am needing to accomplish myself. Such as pick up dry cleaning, mow the yard, etc. My wife and I have a shared workspace called “Home” where we keep lists and tasks for things around the house and more. We have our grocery list in it, items we are needing from the store as well as a list of places and things we want to do in 2016. My wife can easily assign tasks to me such as ‘follow up with the accountant’ or ‘pick up xyz from the corner store’ in this workspace. 

With the team here at Whiteboard, we have a multitude of workspaces we are collaborating in. We have a workspace for each one of our apps (iOS, Android, Web) where we keep track of tasks that need to be done, bugs that need to be addressed and future development ideas related to the app. My business partner and I also have a workspace for our business operations. This is where we keep more administrative and management tasks.

A great starting point is figuring out what it is you are wanting to organize and accomplish? Is it a project? An even you are planning? Items around the house? Your personal reminders and tasks? You can segment your day in may different ways depending upon what it is you are wanting to get done!