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Get more done in your day by
focusing on the tasks that matter most.

Whiteboard is a task and project management application that helps you focus on what matters most in your day, whether it be collaborating with clients and colleagues on projects at work or managing to-dos at home.

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Focus on today’s tasks, defer the rest till later

Tame your tasks and keep them from overwhelming you by simply swiping to-dos you want to work on Today and pushing others till Later. Focus on accomplishing only what is relevant to you each day.

Perfect for both at work and home

Whiteboard is powerful and flexible enough handle all of the to-dos in your life, whether collaborating with colleagues and clients at work, managing to-dos in your personal life, or even sharing grocery lists.

Synced across all of your devices

Whether you're working on a computer or mobile device,
your information is quickly and securely synced across all devices.

What you'll get

You will be provided with all the features and functionality one expects from an amazing task and project management application.

Manage To-dos

Create, delegate and manage any to-do’s or to-do lists in your day, whether it be with clients and colleagues at work or just the personal items at home.

Attach Files

Attach files to any to-do or workspace as well as having the ability to attach photos and locations, whether it be your current location or a predetermined address both from the web and mobile apps.


Create personal workspaces for your personal to-dos and projects or team workspaces to collaborate with clients and colleagues on projects and tasks at work.


Whiteboard is great to collaborate with clients and colleagues as well as family and friends. No more ‘reply all’ email threads that get buried in your inbox.

You're in Safe Hands

We take the privacy and protection of our user’s data seriously. From 24/7 monitoring to 128-bit security, the security and protection of your data is a top priority.

It's Fasssst

Oh, did we mention how fast our app is? With the fastest app in the productivity category, we don’t know how you could get your day’s to-do’s accomplished any faster.

Some Kind Words

We are humbled to hear the love people are spreading about Whiteboard, here are a few things they have to say.

Chris Bittinger

Open Pivot

“Just downloaded the app - @WhiteboardCo looks promising for task and project management”

Damion Alexander


“The real-time sync in @WhiteboardCo is lightning fast!!”

Troy Thomas

Graphic Designer

“Possibly the best designed task & project management app I’ve ever seen”

Shibli Haddad

Web & Software Designer

"Awesome! So easy to use, I was able to get up and running, create my team, invite my team members, and set up my first to-do very quickly. This is by far the most intuitive and organized task management system I have used. Looking forward to the full launch and new features.”

Dustin Lunt

Marketing Maverns

"Been using @WhiteboardCo for a day now. Props to the design team, 10/10. Probably the best I’ve seen in a todo app, both mobile and web!”

Meredith Wright

Marketing Manager at Hogan Assessments

"For all of you planning nerds, check out @WhiteboardCo! Great platform and extraordinary customer service!”

P.E. Buttler

Designer & Front-end Developer

"Definitely loved moving my todos over to @WhiteboardCo. Excellent UI. Great alternative to the many pushy project management tools out there”

Matthew McMillion

Full Stack Developer

"I’ve been using @WhiteboardCo on my current project. Clean and Minimal. I really like it.”