A simple way to focus on the
tasks that matter most in your day

Whiteboard is a task and project management application that helps you focus on what matters most in your day, whether it be collaborating with clients and colleagues on projects at work or managing to-dos at home.

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Focus on today’s tasks, defer the rest till later

Tame your tasks and keep them from overwhelming you by simply swiping to-dos you want to work on Today and pushing others till Later. Focus on accomplishing only what is relevant to you each day.

Perfect for both at work and home

Whiteboard is powerful and flexible enough handle all of the to-dos in your life, whether collaborating with colleagues and clients at work, managing to-dos in your personal life, or even sharing grocery lists.

Synced across all of your devices

Whether you're working on a computer or mobile device,
your information is quickly and securely synced across all devices.